Alexandre Attia

French enginner, student at Les Ponts ParisTech

I am a MSc. student at leading french ”Grande École” École des Ponts ParisTech completing an innovation and computer science major. Passionate about science, tech, photography and design with communication and team-working skills..

Interested by AI, Machine Learning and IoT. Fluent in Python and experience in AngularJS, Torch and C++. Love good music, particularly vintage vibes (Rock, Blues and Soul) and electronic vibes. Passionate about soccer and food lover.

C-Radar July-December 2016

Data Scientist Intern - Clustering, Machine Learning

Bround SmartPhone App

Co-Founder of a hybrid cross-platform app to share musical playlists (Front-End done)

Plastic Omnium Environment - September 2014

Picker and Stock administrator

Innovactors - ENPC

Developing a desktop web app and tablet app (for sorting, storing and consulting) for a pictures gathering smartphone app (Comet App) using Design Thinking method.

Deep Learning Project - ENPC

Study of the depth in Deep Learning and the impact on the accuracy of neural networks (classification tasks).

Kaggle Training

Improving my programming and machine learning skills by training on Kaggle Competition and HackerRank

Mélusine Project- ENPC

Industrial management and consulting to improve technology service

Codok Project - ENPC

App to scan documents and make them editable. Worked on monetization and software development.