Alexandre Attia

French Data Scientist, student at Les Ponts and ENS

I am a MSc. student at leading french ”Grande École” École des Ponts completing a dual degree at ENS in computer science and AI (MVA).

Fluent in Python and experience in other languages and libraries. Love good music, particularly vintage vibes (Rock, Blues and Soul) and electronic vibes. Amateur photographer.
Data Junkie. Food Lover. Simpson-mania. Sport binge watcher.

Therapixel April-September 2018

Research Deep Learning Intern - Breast cancer detection, Medical AI

Thuuz Sports February-July 2017

Data Scientist Intern - Deep Learning, Image Recognition

C-Radar July-December 2016

Data Scientist Intern - Clustering, Machine Learning, Classification

The Simpsons characters detection and recognition

Building an open source dataset of 20 The Simpsons characters and detecting (Faster R-CNN) and recognizing characters (F1 score 96%).

Detecting and counting tiny faces - MVA

Small objects detection - Analysis, review and application to counting.

Medical Image Analysis - MVA

Detection and segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac MRI using Deep Learning and Deformable models.

Global overview of Imitation Learning - MVA

Wide review of Imitation Learning algorithms.